Zelensky’s Ukrainian Proclamations

Zelensky Is A Kike

Zelensky has just passed, alas not away, but he has passed a decree extending Ukraine’s implied sovereignty over Russian Federation regions which were originally populated by ethnic Ukrainians. This is a soft claim based on the premise that the Ukraine itself is an ethnostate. Mind you that no regions of Russia and no regions of […]



I was watching Alexander Mercouris today and he was speaking about the perceived enthusiasm of Western media for war. By Western I mean both the neocon American and their vassals’ media. It is as if they want a war with Russia and are pushing toward it. I believe that a nuclear war in Europe is […]

The French want to deprive a guy of his citizenship for adultery


  Almost the entire US government, the entire Department of State, the Secretary of State himself, all hold dual citizenship, that of US and Israel (and we all know what country and tribe they are really loyal to), and no one there will ever risk even talking of stripping them of their citizenship, though every […]

Lies as news


The enemy’s media began the day by spinning yet another fake news item. By enemy I don’t even mean the Ukraine but the entire collective Fourth Reich, especially Anglo-Judea, perhaps the most malignant entity in the entire transatlantic Reich, I obviously mean the wretched and increasingly impoverished island off the northwest coast of France. The […]

Chinese are using fuel instead of rocket fuel for their missiles


    The transatlantic Fourth Reich’s propaganda mill churns out wondrously mesmerizing stuff, I don’t remember hearing stories so strange and so detached from reality, ever, every fake interview, every phony invented character, every new piece of “news” and “analysis” coming from both shores of Anglo-Judea is more bizarre than the previous one, but the […]

Kirby on Korean missiles


  Will somebody or something make that brazenly shameless rat Kirby and this ilk just shut the fuck up. That is fucker’s chutzpah is breathtaking and I think he is one of the very few individuals there who isn’t even a Jew. The transatlantic Kosher Reich’s hypocrisy is mind-boggling, not just because of the ongoing […]

Such a winter is going to waste


Yesterday here in the region of St. Petersburg we had a historical temperature record. For the first time ever, the temperature fell to -36 C (that is about –32.8 Fahrenheit). People around are joking that it is a shame there are no Germans or French around this time: such a fabulous winter is going to […]

The Siamese or rather Hebrew Twins


The US State Department is defending the genocide in Gaza. Why? Because the US State Department is in fact Israeli State Department. Meet Mathew Miller. What a brazenly shameless despicable rat. America is a captive nation too, it is run by the same Zionist gang, they’ve infested the state department and now control media, entertainment, […]

Happy New Year


As the year comes to an end and the new year begins, I want to wish all of you except Atlantists, political Ukrainians and political Zionists, neocons, and other disturbers of peace on this planet, a happy, healthy, prosperous, and safe new year. May the New Year bring you much love, happiness, and success! The […]

Ukraine fortifies its border, and…


I was listening to Mark Sleboda talking with Danny Haiphong, Mark Sleboda basically said that the Ukraine is going to fortify areas of its border and will be tougher for Russians to break through. I don’t think Russia should attempt any “breakthroughs” and Ukraine cannot fortify its border.   Russia Ukraine border is just under […]