I was watching Alexander Mercouris today and he was speaking about the perceived enthusiasm of Western media for war. By Western I mean both the neocon American and their vassals’ media. It is as if they want a war with Russia and are pushing toward it.

I believe that a nuclear war in Europe is now all but inevitable. I became aware of its inevitability about twenty years ago, around the year 2001, may be even earlier at the time of NATO’s unprovoked aggression against what was by then left of Yugoslavia, and there were a few other landmark pushes toward the greater war. The American neocon instigated 2014-2015 Ukraine coup was just one step toward the inevitable, but the big deal is coming too albeit it is coming by increments. The neocons, neoliberals, West German elite, as well as the political class in the limitrophe states, these are the artificial ethnocracies which appeared on the map after the Bolshevist takeover of Russia, the 20th century “in-between” ethnic satrapies, from Finland down to Poland, all crave for war, and all want it for their own different reasons. And I have an odd feeling that with so many disparate parties desiring a war they will at the end get what they desire and deserve. The cooks have already cooked this soup, and they are going to eat it too.

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