Zelensky Is A Kike

Zelensky has just passed, alas not away, but he has passed a decree extending Ukraine’s implied sovereignty over Russian Federation regions which were originally populated by ethnic Ukrainians. This is a soft claim based on the premise that the Ukraine itself is an ethnostate. Mind you that no regions of Russia and no regions of today’s Ukraine were ever populated by Ukrainians. Before Russia’s takeover by Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917 (actually 1918-1924), and the genocide of the Russian people under the Soviet regime, no ethnographer or anthropologist has even heard of a nation or tribe called Ukrainians. Since “the” Ukraine as “the” Urals was merely a geographical concept within Russia, there were no Ukrainian people. That “geographical” Ukraine was much smaller than Soviet Ukraine created under Jewish Bolsheviks, and it comprised of the Kiev, Podolsk, Kharkov, and Poltava governorates. Before the World War and the Bolshevist revolution, no Ukrainians existed.

Now Ukrainians are defined as Little Russians or people of the Russia Minor origin, even though for centuries they were both classified and saw themselves as just a part of the Russian nation. Because they are. Even language-wise the difference between the dialect of Russian spoken in parts of Russia Minor (most “Ukrainians” speak just plain Russian), the dialect that is now called “Ukranian”, even with all the deliberate pollution and attempts to make it quirkier or falsify and contort spelling (even in English), compared to the language spoken around Samara or any other region of Greater Russia is much smaller, significantly smaller, than the difference between existing varieties of German, say, between German spoken in Bavaria versus German spoken Lower Saxony or Mecklenburg–West Pomerania.

What makes the case of this most preposterous cultural and territorial aggression on the part of the artificial Bolshevik-created state of Ukraine so comical is that the perpetrator, the fighter for the ethnic purity of mythical Ukrainians and zealous defender of their heritage in the lands of Rus is a genetic enemy of the people of Rus. Meet Zelensky, someone who is not Ukrainian. Someone who is not Russian (and Ukrainian is just a type of Russian) either. Someone who is not a native of these lands but an Israeli, a person with an Israeli passport in his pocket or one who can get it under a declaration and who is under the protection of the Prime Minister of Israel.

So, this Ukrainian on steroids is not Ukranian. He does not even speak the vernacular dialect that in a mutilated form has been made into the official language of the artificial state of Ukraine. This busybody is an alien body. A Ziocon viceroy, an overseer of the enslaved land. He is a kike. He is a sheenie, yid, hymie… a shylock. He is a confrère of Netanyahu (also a mass murderer but one in the minor league compared to Zelensky) and Blinken, of Soros and Nuland, of Kagan and the late mass murderess Albright (her real surname was Korbelova). He is the enemy of mankind. In certain ways a comical one but an enemy, nonetheless.


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