No, this is not the Ukraine Russia border (there shouldn’t be any such thing), this is the US Mexican border. And yes, they are fortifying it as well.

I was listening to Mark Sleboda talking with Danny Haiphong, Mark Sleboda basically said that the Ukraine is going to fortify areas of its border and will be tougher for Russians to break through. I don’t think Russia should attempt any “breakthroughs” and Ukraine cannot fortify its border.


Russia Ukraine border is just under 6000 kilometers long (of course the Ukraine is a part of Russia, what I am referring to is the border between these two constituent parts of historical Russia, the Russian Federation and the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic).  To put it into a perspective, 6000 km (5900 something to be precise) is much longer than the distance between Europe, Ireland, and North America. To put into a different perspective, it’s roughly 20 times the distance from London to Paris and Paris to London. There is no way you can fortify this kind of border. There is not enough money, steel, concrete, labor and machinery in the world to pull something like that off. Russia is free to strike and pull back anywhere it wants along that entire border while the forces must be confined to where they are now lest the whole thing collapses.    Many things in this conflict evade comprehension. Like why we (by we, of course, I mean Russia, the good guys) are not going after top puppets in charge of the Kiev regime as well as minor Ukraine officials and their families. I would assume that the first strike should have been carried precisely against the Ukraine officials and the second one against the entire infrastructure of governance. The artificial entity is a brutal, hypercentralized dictatorship. Killing off just a bunch of top puppets and destroying the system would have saved thousands of lives and forced the whole thing to collapse long time ago. Instead, it seems that the people who run the show on the Russian side went to extraordinary lengths to avoid hurting those lowlifes. There were many opportunities to kill not just Zelensky but bag a few EU carpetbaggers who came to pay homage to the kosher Führer.  It is obvious that Zelensky doesn’t pity the ordinary inhabitants of the wretched land he’s been appointed to administer. He belongs to a different tribe, his fellow tribesmen are Nuland/Nudelman, Kagan, Blinken, Soros, not the two-legged cattle in the trenches. I am also perplexed by the apparent unwillingness to hurt the puppeteers themselves, battering the puppet is all cheery and jolly good, but it is of not much use if the puppeteer remains unhurt. There are many ways to hurt the US and the UK and their ziocon vassals and retainers, directly and indirectly, there are many places where the chief puppeteer and his servants can get all bloodied, beaten up, even maimed. But this seems to be a taboo (maybe because of personal assets of individuals on the top of Russian nomenklatura). I mean a couple of LPG supertankers blown off England’s coast (all those rusty WWII sea mines floating around) and the appetite for supplying the Storm Shadow missiles to Zelensky’s kosher Reich (let alone targeting Russian ports) will be gone in an instant.

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