The US State Department is defending the genocide in Gaza. Why? Because the US State Department is in fact Israeli State Department.
Meet Mathew Miller. What a brazenly shameless despicable rat. America is a captive nation too, it is run by the same Zionist gang, they’ve infested the state department and now control media, entertainment, finance, and the military bureaucracy. Mathew Miller, Blinken (his real name is Blinkin, Блинкин, meaning a Little Pancake Man in Russian), Nuland, Nudelman, Kagan, Soros, their viceroy Zelensky in (the) Ukraine are all fellow tribesmen, they are kinfolk who either share Israeli citizenship outright or a have right to claim one right away. To all known effects and purposes, Israel and the United States are the same entity, two parts of which coexist in the state of a symbiosis with the smaller entity, the parasite, controlling the host.

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