The enemy’s media began the day by spinning yet another fake news item. By enemy I don’t even mean the Ukraine but the entire collective Fourth Reich, especially Anglo-Judea, perhaps the most malignant entity in the entire transatlantic Reich, I obviously mean the wretched and increasingly impoverished island off the northwest coast of France.

The news is that the Ukie lowlifes (or their masters) had shot down two airplanes over the Sea of Azov, an Il-22 reconnaissance aircraft and an A50, an early warning and electronic surveillance platform. Media on both sides of the Atlantic reported the news as if it were a fact, as if the event has actually happened.

However, we don’t know what happened.

Zaluzhny stated that they had brought down an Il-22 with a Patriot missile supplied by the transatlantic Reich.  Zaluzhny is the commander of  Ukraine’s armed forces, and like the Ukraine’s dictator, Zelensky, Zaluzhny is also a kike (in fact there are almost no ethnic Ukrainians or Little Russians in what is “the government of Ukraine”, and the word “almost” is an unnecessary, superfluous disclaimer, there is none as far as I am aware).

I know someone who serves with the Air Defense forces and he says that the damage (visible in this photograph) is inconsistent with the Ukie claim that they’ve employed a Patriot missile to shoot the airplane down. The tail damage visible on the tail fin of the aircraft is of different nature. We’ll find out what caused it.

And yes, hank Lord, the Il-22 has landed safely albeit with a damaged tail section. According to rumors here it was likely a case of friendly fire. Il-22 is not a new aircraft, the design dates from the early 1950s and the plane was manufactured from 1957 until 1979, both as Il-18, a commercial turboprop and as Il-22, the Il-18’s military, surveillance and reconnaissance version. The Ukie scum and their ziocon Fourth Reich and Anglo-Judean masters or rather their disinformation outfits have reported that the airplane’s number is RA-75106, but even that was a lie because there is no Il-22 with RA-75106 registration, anyone can check that out since no information about this airplane is classified and all airframe numbers are in the open and can be verified by anyboby The ziocon media are deliberately spreading baseless lies peppered with phony “details” (fake numbers, references to interviews or testimonies by unnamed officials, usually given “on condition of anonymity”) because it’s their century old trick intended to make lies stick, to make their falsehoods and bull more believable.

What happened to the A50 and if there even was an A50 is a mystery, but we’ll find out the truth in the next few days.

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