I was watching Alexander Mercouris today and he was speaking about the perceived enthusiasm of Western media for war. By Western I mean both the neocon American and their vassals’ media. It is as if they want a war with Russia and are pushing toward it. I believe that a nuclear war in Europe is […]

Chinese are using fuel instead of rocket fuel for their missiles


    The transatlantic Fourth Reich’s propaganda mill churns out wondrously mesmerizing stuff, I don’t remember hearing stories so strange and so detached from reality, ever, every fake interview, every phony invented character, every new piece of “news” and “analysis” coming from both shores of Anglo-Judea is more bizarre than the previous one, but the […]

Kirby on Korean missiles


  Will somebody or something make that brazenly shameless rat Kirby and this ilk just shut the fuck up. That is fucker’s chutzpah is breathtaking and I think he is one of the very few individuals there who isn’t even a Jew. The transatlantic Kosher Reich’s hypocrisy is mind-boggling, not just because of the ongoing […]

Ukraine fortifies its border, and…


I was listening to Mark Sleboda talking with Danny Haiphong, Mark Sleboda basically said that the Ukraine is going to fortify areas of its border and will be tougher for Russians to break through. I don’t think Russia should attempt any “breakthroughs” and Ukraine cannot fortify its border.   Russia Ukraine border is just under […]