The Russian city of Theodossia, Feodossia, where the attack took place

The UK has attacked an old cargo and debarkation ship in Crimea. They “advertised” their attack as something that the Ukraine (with the definite article) has pulled off but that’s laughable. By now, they had all but admitted to having perpetrated it.

Alexander Mercouris mentioned the episode in his today’s program:



All right, I got a message from the CIA-administered Youtube saying that my previous comment in that channel has been removed because the faceless and anonymous “they” decided that the comment is offensive to their tender feelings (obviously some lowly ziocon creature must have complained). I assume that any allusions to the fondness of the Zionist Führer in Kiev for cocaine and similar invigorating substances are no longer considered entirely kosher at this table. But now let’s sail on to the Novocherkassk story (sorry for yet another longish comment). I’ve been critical of the way Putin or rather the nomenklatura faction behind him is handling this long overdue war. I support the war wholeheartedly, but I do not support the laughably vegetarian squeamish manner in which is it is being conducted so far (though I hope this manner is going to change somewhat and what we’ve had were just the hors d’œuvres. In fact, I think it the Ukraine campaign has been overdue by about 15 years (the first Yushcheenko coup) and the liberation of Baltic provinces, still postponed, is about 20 years behind any reasonable logical schedule. Now, that Novocherkassk boat is 40 years old (I guess she was laid down in 1984, launched in 1987) and was supposed to be scrapped after quarter of a century of service , and that means it should have gone to the shipbreakers around 2009. The Novocherkassk was built in Poland (or rather in that part of Germany that is still occupied by Poland after Stalin, who was suffering from acute polonophilia among other things, for reasons otherwise known best to him only, stole that part of Germany and handed over to the artificial statelet of Poland that he had almost recreationally recreated for the future generations to deal with). What is wrong with the story? It is apparent that not (the) Ukraine, but the UK has carried out the attack either on its own or by supplying those (French designed) missiles to the Ukraine (yes, the one with the definite article). Why did the UK do it? Because the UK feels total impunity, because the perpetrator can get away with its crimes. For some inexplicable reason, the only theory that I can come up that has any chance at shedding light on why this is being permitted in the first place is the concern or fear on the part of Russia’s top nomenklatura and the thieving class for the safety of their private assets parked in the UK and elsewhere in the so-called West. Because of that fear Russia is seemingly unwilling to strike back at the perpetrator, which is of course not the Ukraine, since that cracked-fueled kike-run Little Russia Reich is merely a puppet. And, as it has also become apparent from the day one, that to change the dynamics of this game, Russia absolutely must strike the puppeteer and kill its loved ones, vassals, servants and retainers. The ongoing chastisement of the puppet no matter how generously it is administered is simply not enough. I am positive that if a couple of LPG supertankers were blown up off the English coast with a huge loss of life offshore and onshore, and, unexpectedly, a British Airways passenger jet exploded over the Atlantic (oh those damn terrorists), the appetite for supplying storm shadows, and for other antics would be sharply reduced. The same applies to malicious actions by other vassals. Like a couple of ferries sank with thousands of drunken passengers, cars, and duty-free goodies onboard, safely gone to the bottom of the Baltic Sea, sank on their way from Stockholm to Helsinki, right after Sweden and the artificial state of Finland supplied old anti-tank guns and APCs to the kike-run Wehrmacht in Kiev, oh no, then the appetite to cause more mischief would have been gone overnight. “Oh, what a horrible tragedy, those rusty WWII naval mines must be still floating around! Such a shocking tragic loss of so many innocent lives! Please accept our heartfelt condolences. ”. The bad guys must feel pain too, both their “leadership” and their ordinary citizens must suffer, and only after they are hurt will they stop acting with impunity. If one hopes to be understood one must speak the enemy’s own language, and what I’ve just described is the only language the enemy understands well because this language has historically been its own. I am also sure that their astonishing, breathtaking insolence, their almost laughable effrontery and that surreal haughtiness on the part of the collective transatlantic Fourth Reich will then be gone in an instant as well.

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